Dr. Robert: The most important figures

to f/u in ADPKD management are function and    Volume of the kidneys.

      To see that, We’re going to get a blood test and

Ms. Marian (46 / F): Okay. Doc.


Seven days later...

Dr. Robert: Your kidneys are not bad. eGFR is 78 (mL / min / 1.73 m2). And the size    is 14cm. There has been no significant change so far…. so go home…and please take a lot of water... and...


Ms. Marian: Ah yes… Wait.. Is it LEFT side? or RIGHT side?


Dr. Robert: Oh Let me see.. LEFT side~ :)


Ms. Marian:  How about the right side?


Dr. Robert: Well… uh… Wait.. Let me see… about 16cm.


Ms. Marian: Ah yes… Is it good?  


Dr. Robert: Hmm… Neither good nor bad. As I told you, the kidney function is still not bad yet, see you next time. :)


Ms. Marian: Ah… Yeah… Okay.

Bad Quality of the images...

Volume??   Size??


* The above story is based on the assumption of a HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION, not that between actual doctor and patient.