Dr. Robert: The most important figures

to f/u in ADPKD management are function and    Volume of the kidneys.

      To see that, We’re going to get a blood test and   CT scan

Ms. Marian (46 / F): Okay. Doc.

Seven days later...

Dr. Robert:   The renal function    is not bad today. eGFR is 68 (mL / min / 1.73 m2).  How about your  CT scanning on    the last    week. Did you have any inconvenience during the test?


Ms. Marian (46 / F):   No., fortunately,    It was not uncomfortable, and CT scans were completed in five minutes.


Dr. Robert: Oh really? Good for you. 


Ms. Marian: Yes, I could stand that much.

Dr. Robert:  I see.  The kidneys look good. I ordered a    low dose non-contrast CT, we'll be able to reduce your radiation exposure... and don't have to worry about renal impairment due to contrast. But, the Volume measurement seems to take a little long time.  I am trying to  calculate  TKV    by the planimetry method ...


Ms. Marian:  Thank you for your kind informati0n, but for me, it's hard to imagine how Kidney looks like even after looking at the image that you showed.

Dr. Robert: Wow… I see…..  

I need somebody else to help   my    planimetry.

I'm trying to do my best...   but, I'm exhausted...


* The above story is based on the assumption of a HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION, not that between actual doctor and patient.